• ERP Services


Whatever your industry, you need business management software that supports industry-specific requirements and processes - without costly and time-consuming customization and development. Microsoft Dynamics provides many industry solutions to enable your organization to exceed expectations. Our expertise cut across:


A modern, unified retail solution that reduces complexity for retailers, to focus on connecting with customers and empowering employees across all channels. It allows organizations to deliver a complete shopping experience that is personal, seamless, and differentiated.

Service Industry

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions are designed for service industries, combining project management, resource management, communication, and business solutions tailored to your organizational needs to help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Public Sectors

The most successful public organizations and governments are powered by passionate individuals who are fully empowered to make a difference. When given the right public sector solutions, these people can realize their full potential, make government leaner and more responsive, and ensure the outcomes that citizens demand.

Distribution and consumer products

If requirements of your industry are complex and are becoming more so as the demands of customers and technology grow. Codeware will design Business solutions with these challenges in mind. We provide solutions that enable complex supply chain to be easily managed and policies which can be enforced, but also easily modified ensuring you are always ready for what’s next.

Manufacturing Industry

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) designed specifically for manufacturing operations can include supply chain management and finance, manufacturing resource planning (MRP), human resources, and operations management.

Oil & Gas

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can gain you real insight into your business, streamline processes and manage all your business functions like finance, sales, services, purchasing, etc with one efficient system. It’s a business solution that puts people at the centre, helping them make the most of their time and to be more productive.

Streamline Your Business Process with our Oil and Gas Solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV